Business Charter

Business Charter

Business Charter

Time is money – Time is indeed one of our most precious assets. Chartering a jet or luxury helicopter with Air Charter Options allows you to execute the plans and make it successful:

A successful business project begins with a well thought out charter statement. This document defines and authorizes the business charter project outlining its objectives and scope.

  • Direct flights from the closest airports
  • Avoid lengthy transfers and delays at scheduled service hubs
  • Getting you where you want to go – whenever you want to go.
  • Flexible schedules mean that if your meetings run late the crew and aircraft will still be waiting
  • Save on the expense of operating your own aircraft
  • You don’t want to attract unwanted attention? Your destinations will always remain completely confidential.
  • Airline timetables are designed for the convenience of their needs – create your own schedule.

Onboard luxury and communications

  • Luxury cabins that are comfortable and quiet allowing you to arrive feeling fresh
  • Onboard communications are available on many of the larger jets – including telephone and fax machines as well as internet access
  • First-class cuisine selected for your personal requirements.

The experts for Business Charter

Air Charter Options dedicated Services Team is on call 24 hours a day to meet all your travel needs and preferences.

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